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Let’s dive into what drop shipping is all about

Poweredbyincome.com is an online resource for all parents. Who work a 9 to 5 job and have wanted to sell niche products and just can’t reach that itch they have of starting their very own business. Where you call the shots, where you’re the boss and your ideas matter. So if you’re ready to get your idea up and running, you came to the right place.

My name is Isaac Medina and serial entrepreneur. I currently own 3 drop shipping businesses. From streetwear apparel brand to selling fitness apparel and accessories. I might not have the credential but I do have experience. Oh and by the way I’ve managed to do all this on a shoestring budget! When you have as many lovely kids as I do then you know what I’m talking about. 

Now I’m not here to sell you some amazing secret system that will make you a millionaire in 60 seconds! NO! You can’t microwave your way to success. I’m here to tell you that its possible to work a full time 9 to 5 job and still create a drop shipping business that can help free you from that rat race. Now the reason I created poweredbyincome.com was that I wanted to create an outlet to help full time working parents start their own business that they can be proud of and create a lifestyle for their families that they could only dream of. Now, I’m still currently working a full-time job. So we’re in this together! We all have the same goal in mind. To quit our regular jobs! that promises to be stable and secure. But we all know the reality that it’s not. The American dream of working for an employer for many years and retiring is pretty much over, in this day and age. So I’m here to help you create your own path in life and create a business that will help you retire someday with dignity and not live paycheck to paycheck!

So let’s start this path together. Throughout our journey, I’m going to interview successful business owners and full-time entrepreneurs, who could teach us a thing or two about starting an online business that will WORK! And not just waste our time and money. I’m also going to share my past experiences. This website is going to help you work like no one else, so later you can live like no one else.

Disclosure: Throughout the website I’m going to share links and those links are usually affiliate links. I do earn some money from those affiliates and do make a commission but that is at no extra cost to you. I just want to be straight up and give you a heads up. Thanks

Here are some of the Basic things you’ll need to get your Drop Shipping business Started!


Deciding on what type of niche product is probably one of the hardest parts of starting your drop shipping business. Because you probably have so many ideas running around in your head to tend to get stuck and then you’ll want to quit after a few hours of researching your business. But I’m here to tell you it’s easier than you think. Just create a list of possible products in your everyday life. Products you see all around you. Whenever you see product research it and you see that product is not properly being sold on some website then you might have a business. 

Your Next Step Is To Create A Website For Your Business

Now that you have your side business figured out. You could create a website with a tool called Wordpress. Wordpress is easy to use online platform that is free to use. But before you build your website on WordPress. You have to get your domain registered and hosting provider to build it. And I recommend 1and1.com hosting. They have affordable prices and awesome customer service. So I recommend them. Once you have your domain and hosting setup you can turn to YouTubers! like my friend Hogan Chua for help creating your website in hours.

Check out Hogan Chua’s tutorials on YouTube. The best part of his videos is that they are FREE! yes, my friends FREE. He goes in-depth with his tutorials and I have learned so much from his videos, its crazy! So watch this video because its time you take action and stop procrastinating! Build your website the right way!

Disclaimer: The links provided are affiliate links. Which means that if you choose to purchase or subscribe to the paid services. Then I make a commission. Please note that no additional cost comes to you for my affiliate links.

My Trusted Website Hosting                      

I’ve used 1&1 since I started creating websites. They have an awesome customer service. I have called them at 1 am in the morning and they were happy to help me solve rookie issues. I have learned so much from them and I defiantly recommend them for all your hosting needs.

I know they have a variety of plans but why to rack up more business monthly costs. Just get the basic plan and you’ll be in good hands.

I recommend these guys not because of their $0.99 cent a month costs. I recommend them because I know they have an awesome customer service. So call them whenever you have WordPress questions or whatever else you could think of regarding your website. They know their stuff.

Disclaimer: The links provided are affiliate links. Which means that if you choose to purchase or subscribe to the paid services. Then I make a commission. Please note that no additional cost comes to you for my affiliate links.

Free Resources
Throughout my website, you’ll find a lot of free and paid resources. But have this in mind everything I endorse is because I know they work. Because I personally have used them. So put your mind at ease with my recommendations. And also make sure you check out my resources page

And feel free to hit me up when you have questions and anything I talk about. I’ll try my best to answer your questions if you can’t find the answer already throughout my website. Just go to my contact page.

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Thank you! You could have gone somewhere else to get your information on how to start your passive income business knowledge but you choose mine so for that I’m grateful my friend.

My ultimate goal with poweredbyincome.com is to empower individuals. With the tools and resources, they need to build a successful online business that WORKS! So, keep your head up and stay focused on the end goal. No MATTER HOW CRAZY YOUR IDEA is, or what your friends and family tell you! You can do it! 

So let’s do this, together!



Isaac is Offering Coaching developed for people who need help on certain subjects they may be stuck on! Causing them to not move forward with their online e-commerce business. Whether it's selecting a niche, optimization tips or web design flaws. Isaac will ensure that you get moving in the right direction. 


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